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Game Changers: The Lessons You Never Learned in School

Join us as I take my experience in mentoring, and advisory services and talk about how to use these skills to succeed in life!

Ep. 3: Failing Forward In Your Life

On the latest installment of Game Changers, we delve into the concept of "Failing Forward in Your Life" with a deep exploration of how setbacks, obstacles, and failures can be transformative moments on the journey to success. Join us as we navigate through personal anecdotes, expert insights, and practical strategies to embrace failure as a stepping stone towards growth and achievement. 

Ep. 2: Life is a Confidence Game

 When you have confidence in yourself, life tends to be much easier throughout the ups and downs. 

This episode is packed with key takeaways for yourself and some lessons on how you can instill more courage and confidence in your daily actions. Enjoy!

Ep. 1: The Art of Connection Through Astonishment

In this first episode, we talk about and learn how to connect with others through the act of astonishment. 

Join us as we dive into this new venture!

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