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Break the Snooze Button: Essential Morning Habits for High Achievers

Champion Your Mornings: Your Guide to Conquering the Day

Break the Snooze Button: Essential Morning Habits for High Achievers

Win the Morning, Win the Day:

Winning the morning is the key to a successful day. There are some easy and basic components to creating a winning morning: starting with small victories and having a specific roadmap for your day is key. By setting a morning framework into place, challenging things in your day will become easier.

Here are a few tips for the evening before winning the day:

Winning the morning starts the night before. This means laying out your outfit for the day and preparing your toiletries for when you wake up. Make your morning as simple and smooth as possible.
To ensure a successful day, you need to have a plan. Creating a blueprint for your day the afternoon or evening before is an excellent way to be ahead of the game. You can set rough time blocks, outline priorities, tasks, goals, etc.
Going to bed early and de-stressed is key to a good night’s sleep…Before you go to bed, exercise mindfulness practices like meditation or breathing exercises…these practices will clear your mind and promote a relaxed and positive mood for good sleep. Come the morning, your battery will be supercharged and ready to win the day.

Here are some examples of how you can push yourself out of your comfort zone in the morning. Being victorious over self-imposed difficult tasks starts you off in a winning mindset.

Honor the Clock: Never hit the snooze button; leave zero room for self-negotiation. By resisting the temptation to snooze, you're practicing discipline from the moment you open your eyes - starting your day on your own winning terms.
Cold Shower: A cold shower first thing in the morning will boost you to the next level quickly. Make no mistake, this will be challenging, especially in the first weeks. Here’s a hack: combine standing in that freezing shower with shouts of gratitude for the good things in your life and repeating self-affirmations like, "I am going to make today an extraordinary day!” This practice of combining something challenging with something positive is an endorphin wow! You will boost your self-esteem, increase motivation, and start the day strong, ready to tackle the rest of the day.
Limit News Consumption: Pick and choose your morning news consumption …it can be very negative. Limit it to 10 minutes. You can stay informed without feeling overwhelmed, creating more mental space for productivity.

These are just a few examples, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in the morning to put you in that “I can win the day no matter what” mindset. The key is to find things that challenge you and then overcome them in the morning-you’ve started the day with a series of “W’s.”

Now, go Win the Morning and Win the Day!

-Barry Garapedian

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