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The Power of a Personal Advisory Board

Imagine convening a small group of trusted advisors—once a month for 30 minutes—to level up into the best version of yourself. These personal growth champions commit to a one year term (after a 90 day trial period) to hold space for mutual expansion, enrichment and life elevation.

Envision curating advisors with the following types of next level superpowers:

  • "Sara", your most determined friend who launched a thriving coaching business this year. Her resilience, vision and business acumen energize possibilities.

  • "Marc", your wise uncle and avid meditator of 20 years. His grounded presence and non-attachment reminds you of timeless truths.

  • "Jessica", your college mentor renowned for unlocking others’ highest gifts. Her insight into your untapped talents catalyzes self-belief.

Through insightful questions, loving accountability and goal review, your council of growth journeys with you towards increased impact and fulfillment. By shining their light on your blindspots and highest potential, they shape fresh terrain.

You do the same in return by bearing witness to their transformation with celebratory support. Shared wisdom multiples through courageous vulnerability around inner obstacles and progress made.

Monthly check-ins banish isolation on the path less traveled. They replace fear with peer modeling of what you too can achieve. You expand your concept of what’s possible by leaning on the experience of those further down the road.

After all, if Fortune 500 companies rely on advisory boards to accelerate strategic objectives, shouldn’t driven individuals also have trusted groups that spur focused growth? A personal board enables course correcting when life's busyness obscures the path. They remind you of destined horizons.

Who needs to join your personal council of self-actualization? The founders of top companies have trusted advisors to maximize results. Why not build your own executive team - but for your soul's highest purpose?

The time is now to raise your sails with optimal winds at your back. Choose those inspirational leaders who will set your course through expansive waters. Then brace yourself for the accelerated growth and adventure that follows!

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